August 20, 2017
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If you've been using the Internet for more than 15 minutes, then
you've seen the lies and scams of all the money making programs.

If you're looking for fast and easy money, keep looking as we can't help you. In reality, nobody can help you, but the scammers keep stealing from the weak and gullible people who want to believe they can get rich overnight with no money, no work and that the company they join will do all the work for them.

So for all those who want the truth and want to do things right, this page is for YOU.

For all those who want to be cheated and told what they want to hear, while they spend money and time working programs that will never make them a dime, this page is not for you.

THE TRUTH: Statement Number One: You can absolutely make money online--if you don't fall for the hype and you do things right. If you jump at every latest and greatest opportunity or try and work without the proper online tools used by every successful online marketer, your road to making money will be closed.

THE TRUTH: Statement Number Two: There is not one person making the kind of money the above headlines say they can make.

No, not even the program owner. There is one company telling people they can make $88,000 a month. What they fail to mention is you'll need 88,000 paying people in your downline to accomplish this and they also fail to mention they don't even have that many people in their entire company and they have been online for over 12 years.

Use common sense when reviewing a program. If they tell you for example that they are going to flood your PayPal account with $10 payments from a million people--don't walk, run away from it. If they say you can make hundreds of thousands of dollars with a small monthly payment or a one-time payment--run, don't walk away.

Do the math on these kinds of scams and you'll see why what they saymay bemathematically possible, but in reality, there is no way it will ever happen because you'll need to get tens of thousands of people in your downline and whether you know it or not, the attrition (quit rate) of those programs is over 80% within the first 4 months. This simply means over 80% of the people who get involved will quit within 4 months so you can never reach the income they state and since their commissions are padded on the back end, the company makes all the money, while you do all the work.

Stand up and take 1 step forward and 3 steps back and see if you move forward or backward? Of course you will move backward and that's what will happen with programs that make stupid promises.

THE TRUTH: Statement Number Three: You can't make good money for free. You don't get gas for free, you don't get groceries for free, you don't get restaurant meals for free, and you don't get clothes for free. There is a price for everything and any site saying they are free and you can make money is full of you know what.

All you need to do is ask the following questions: If the site is free, then how do they pay money to you? If you're not willing to pay for their service, why would anyone else?

Sure there are Traffic Exchanges where you can spend hours of your time for a few dollars, but who in their right mind would work for pennies an hour? This is not the 1800's when a few cents an hour was good money.

Your time is valuable and you need to assign a value to your time and not work for less than that amount.

THE TRUTH: Statement Number Four: You will need to spend money to make money. This saying is older than anyone living today and is just as true online as it is offline.

You need money to advertise your business, you need money to pay for your internet, you need money to get into a good responsible program and you need money to pay for your online tools and training.

You don't need a lot to get started, but you will need some and if you don't have any money, you have no business wasting your time trying to start a business.

THE TRUTH: Statement Number Five: You're not going to retire in months or even 5 years from now by working online. You can be making good money within a few years, but it won't be millions.

Think about this: Tradition says you get a job--usually for a low starting salary, commute to work where you work 40 hours a week with two weeks paid vacation a year and some other benefits and you get a 2% - 3% raise each year.

And, if you're lucky and the company does not downsize or do away with your job so the executives and shareholders can make more money, you'll stay there until you retire where you have to get a second or third job to make ends meet because your retirement is not enough to cover your bills.

40 hours a week is what the average person is required to spend at their regular job and the average salary for Americans who have been at the same job for at least 14 years is around $42,000 per year.

Now, $42,000/year is not bad money and people are working 40 hours a week for 14 years or 28,000 hours to get to that pay point.

Yet, they come online and read a bogus headline and sales letter that says they can make several hundred thousand dollars a year with an investment of only $5 - $10 per month and working only a few minutes a day!!!

Now I ask you, does that make any sense at all? Of course not and there is absolutely no way anyone is going to make that kind of money for that little bit of investment and that little bit of work.

THE TRUTH: Statement Number Six: All the junk headlines and sales pages you read that offer insane money are done because the company is only preying on the weak and desperate.

This is the same principle that applies to buying a lottery ticket. Everyone thinks they are going to win--even though the odds are tens or hundreds of millions to one against you winning the jackpot...

At least the lottery people have the decency of telling you the odds while the online scammers simply feed you lie upon lie and will say or do anything to get your money.

THE TRUTH: Statement Number Seven: Not all programs are out to scam you and there are some very good and responsible programs on the Internet. So if you are looking to get started with a program, do your research and don't fall for useless hype and stories of instant wealth and riches.

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